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Jonathan Wallentine

Jonathan Wallentine is a notable actuary⁽¹⁾ and author⁽²⁾⁽³⁾ on risk management. Recent news headlines about Mr. Wallentine include a public letter about the Black Rifle Coffee Stock Fraud⁽⁴⁾ and his founding of⁽⁵⁾ - the first lawsuit search engine⁽¹⁸⁾. Mr. Wallentine recently purchased Airport NV00-Valley View from Boyd Gaming in 2023. According to local news, Mr. Wallentine plans to build the largest privately owned and controlled airport in North America, The Airport Club.  


Jonathan Wallentine




Alma mater





Scientific career

February 6, 1982 (age 41)

United States



Pure Mathematics, Probability Theory

Institute of Applied Actuarial Science, Safeco Insurance, Pacific Life Insurance, Actuarial Management Corporation, laWow, 1791 Management

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Early life and education

Mr. Wallentine was born in Palm Springs, California. In college and graduate school, he was known for successfully arbitraging interest rate spreads between FDIC-insured money market rates and credit card promotional rates. Mr. Wallentine holds a BS in Pure Mathematics from UCLA (2005), is a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst⁽⁶⁾ (2009), and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries⁽⁷⁾ (2009).

Early life and education


Wallentine began his career by building predictive models for Safeco Insurance Company (2005), and later became a Director of Pacific Life Insurance Company (2012). He is also the CEO of Actuarial Management Corporation, a company that pioneered the use of abstract algebra's commutative rings to reliably manage financial risk.

In 2013, Wallentine created a new way for families to save for education by creating the AMCO Education Fund⁽⁹.

In 2019, Wallentine founded The Institute of Applied Actuarial Science⁽¹⁰⁾ ("IAAS"), a privately funded non-profit academic research institution in collaboration with the California State University System and currently sits on its Board of Directors.

In 2020, Wallentine founded 1791 Management⁽¹⁹⁾, an Opportunistic Event-Driven Fund. The Fund’s strategy seeks opportunities where special situations cause pricing dislocations in certain financial markets.

In May 2022, Mr. Wallentine's staff at 1791 Management produced a report titled "Is Black Rifle's ignorance or arrogance to blame?"⁽¹¹⁾ Following the letter sent to Black Rifle Coffee⁽⁴⁾ demanding they brew up an "action plan" to address serious allegations of Corporate Governance failures and Code of Conduct violations. After Black Rifle Coffee's management refused to address Governance failures, a civil complaint was filed against Black Rifle Coffee Company⁽¹²⁾ (NYSE: BRCC) for intentional violations of securities laws and fraud⁽¹³⁾, including deliberate breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligent misrepresentation. Furthermore, 1791 Management published another supplemental report⁽¹⁴⁾⁽¹⁵⁾ on Black Rifle Coffee Company detailing the additional lawsuits filed against the Company as a result of them going public and manufacturing an artificial squeeze to boost the price of their shares while claiming a significant amount for themselves. Exhibits were also sent to regulators⁽²⁰⁾ regarding the Underwriter of Black Rifle Coffee's De-SPAC IPO.

In June 2022, a separate research report¹⁶ was released about Energy Vault (NYSE: NRGV), revealing 1791 Management's investigation of Energy Vault's business prospects. A subsequent lawsuit was filed against Energy Vault¹⁷ for intentional violations of securities laws and fraud, including deliberate fraudulent misrepresentations and omissions relating to the company's business, operations, and prospects.

Both securities fraud lawsuits filed by 1791 Management in 2022 are a result of the "The Great SPAC Scam on American Investors."

In October 2022, Wallentine co-founded The Actuarial Development Institute⁽²¹⁾ ("ADI") along with co-founder Charles Johnson, FSA, MAAA. ADI serves the Aspiring Actuarial market by creating connected systems and training experiences for aspiring students.



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