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Jonathan R. Wallentine

Jonathan R. Wallentine (born February 6, 1982) is a mathematician, actuary, finance practitioner, corporate executive, and author on risk management. He is the former CEO and Chief Actuary of Actuarial Management Corporation, a company that pioneered the use of abstract algebra's commutative rings to reliably manage financial risk.

Mr. Wallentine was born in Palm Springs California. In college and graduate school, he was known for successfully arbitraging interest rate spreads between FDIC-insured money market rates and credit card promotional rates. Mr. Wallentine holds a BS in Pure Mathematics from UCLA (2005), is a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (2008), and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (2009). He built predictive models for Safeco Insurance Company (2005), and later became a Director of Pacific Life Insurance Company (2012). Throughout his career, Mr. Wallentine has served in numerous executive management positions and currently sits on the board of directors for The Institute of Applied Actuarial Science.

Jonathan R. Wallentine




Alma mater





Scientific career

February 6, 1982 (age 37)

United States



Pure Mathematics, Probability Theory

Institute of Applied Actuarial Science, Safeco Insurance, Pacific Life Insurance, Actuarial Management Corp


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