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Jonathan Wallentine

Jonathan R. Wallentine (born February 6, 1982) is an American finance practitioner, actuary, hedge fund manager, and author on risk management. He is the Chief Risk Officer at Actuarial Management Corporation and pioneered the use of commutative rings to extract reliable gains from american capital markets.


Wallentine was born in Palm Springs California. In college and graduate school he was known for using arbitrage to profit from the differential between government insured money market rates and credit card promotional rates.

Wallentine holds an BS in Pure Mathematics from UCLA (2005), and a Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries (2009). In 2005 he moved to Seattle Washington to build predictive models for Safeco Insurance Company. Later, he was a life insurance product leader and quantitative risk manager at Pacific Life.

In 2013 he was called "the investment industry's biggest threat" by the national association of active investment managers.

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